Copenhagen, Denmark

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Jens inside the butcher shop

Highest quality meats —
right in the heart of Copenhagen.

The mission of the Butcher on Kultorvet is to provide the finest meats and meat products in the Kingdom of Denmark.

For us, ecology isn't just the right lifestyle; it is also, together with animal care, a path to a unique gastronomic experience — one that more people are discovering. We have intimate knowledge of every one of our producers, and cultivate close cooperation with them. Because of that, we are proud to be offering the very best range of beef, veal, pork, lamb, and poultry produced by Danish farmers.

It is our pleasure to be contributing to the promotion of the knowledge and enjoyment of Danish organic quality meats.

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Jens Slagter, Master Butcher
Jens the Master Butcher

Good for your health

Did you know that organically grown meats contain 50% more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) than non–organic counterparts? Read more here.

A day at Kultorvet

Over the counter at the butcher shop
Bowler hats and all!