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Why is organic meat healthier?

It has never been more important to nourish your and your family's health with quality raw materials. The intensively bred animals from non-organic agriculture are fed a dangerous cocktail of antibiotics, growth-stimulating hormones, and many other types of medicine — regardless of whether they suffer from disease or not. These medications pass through the food chain directly to you.

Independent studies have shown that fresh, organically grown products contain 50 percent more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other micronutrients than their conventional counterparts. Additionally, eating organic food is the only guarantee against the intake of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Organic farming supports and preserves the diversity of our beautiful nature, and it gives the animals a better life. Last but not least, organic food just plain tastes better!

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Other products

In additional to the popular choices above, we sell a range of other specialty meats. What about delicious organic lamb from the pastures of Northern Jutland, or tender rabbit meat?

We've been featuring lamb (imported from New Zealand) since the 50's, earning the nickname The Lamb Butcher. These days, our lamb are locally grown Texel og Oxford Down breeds (and their cross–breeds), while the cuts are Australian–inspired.

The cuts are lean and very cooking–friendly, and range from rack of lamb, medallion, fricassee meat, sausages, and freshly ground lamb.