Copenhagen, Denmark

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Our poultry range includes chicken, ducks, turkey, and geese.

The chickens come from Sødam in Møgeltønder, where they feed on grass, wild plants, silage, roughage, and grains. The meat is tasteful and somewhat rougher and with more bite than conventional chicken — which is due to the fact that animals move around a lot during their lifetime, both indoors and outdoors.

The chickens live between 70 and 80 days before they are slaughtered by hand.

Our ducks come from Gothenborg, the free–range farm in Jutland, where they are bred exclusively for us. They are of the white land duck breed, and eat organic feed thoughout their lifetime. They have a perfect layer of fat that melts away during roasting, leaving the meat juicy and tasteful.

Our turkeys and geese are from Gothenborg as well, and are all freerange, grass–fed animals.

A goose eats quite a bit of grass and clover — and its “hanging weight” is between 4 and 6,5 kilograms!


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